MouthScience Kit:  Power of pH Lesson

Our  MouthScience® Power of pH Lesson provides 3rd through 6th grade students with an engaging, hands-on experiment that demonstrates the levels of acid and sugar contained in common drinks. The purpose of the exercise is to motivate students to make intentional and healthier drink choices that will decrease their chances for cavities and gum disease.

Our free MouthScience® Kit provides educators with everything they need to conduct the lesson. This instructional video will walk you through the activity step-by-step, ensuring a fun and educational experience for you and your class!

Free to Oklahoma Schools

MouthScience Kits are available free of charge for use in 3rd through 6th grade classrooms in Oklahoma. Each kit contains all supplies needed for one (1) class of up to 30 students to carry out the hands-on activity.

MouthScience Kits must be requested and conducted by a teacher, school nurse, dental professional or dental, hygiene or nursing student.

To request MouthScience Kits, download our Request Form.

For more information, contact Teri Bachhofer, Education Outreach Specialist.

Program Resources

Program Guide & Lesson Plan

PowerPoint Presentation

Power of pH Lab Sheets
(Note: 30 color printed lab sheets are included in the MouthScience Kit.)


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