MobileSmiles Oklahoma

Since the Oklahoma Dental Foundation started its mobile dental care program in 2006, Delta Dental has been a friend and partner. In 2021, we awarded the program $500,000, one of the largest grants in our history. To date, we have provided more than $3.8 million in funding to help eliminate barriers to dental care across the state.

MobileSmiles Oklahoma

Delivering Care Statewide

The MobileSmiles Oklahoma program has two RV-style mobile dental clinics that travel the state to overcome the toughest barriers to dental care. Volunteer dental professionals are vital to maximizing the reach of the program.


Site Partners Make it Happen

In order to serve patients in need, the MobileSmiles Oklahoma program depends on local site partners to host the mobile unit in their communities. Nonprofit organizations, agencies, churches, and public schools can serve as site partners. Visit for details.