The Cost of Dental Care

October 26, 2018

According to research, cost is the top reason people cite for being unable to access the dental care they need. In fact, regardless of age, income level, or insurance status, more people report being unable to afford dental care than any other health care.[1]

Being aware of low-cost alternatives may empower more people to afford their dental treatment. Below is a comparison of average private practice fees[2] compared to the fees for services available at the OU College of Dentistry Student Clinic[3] and the NSO Low-Cost Dental Clinic[4] in Oklahoma City. More low-cost clinics can be found in our Resource for Dental Care Guide.

Fee comparison

Service Private Practice OUCOD* NSO*
Comprehensive exam $83 $39 $35
Complete series x-ray $156 $53 $20
Prophylaxis (teeth cleaning), adult $89 $37 $50
Filling, amalgam (silver), 2-surface, posterior $176 $74 $75
Filling, composite (tooth colored), 2-surface, posterior $225 $94 $90
Crown, porcelain/ ceramic $1,136 $473 $600
Root canal $1,025 $263 $500
Scaling, root planing, 4+ teeth, 1 quad $241 $70 $50
Complete denture - top only $1,293 $400 $250
Simple extraction $156 $73 $60

*For demonstration purposes only. Fees subject to change. Contact clinic for details.


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2. Delta Dental of Oklahoma. Claims data analysis of average fees submitted by DDOK Premier providers for a 12 month period. October 2018.

3. University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry.

4. NSO Dental Clinic.